About The Cabaret

Bob Egan, a Bucks County-based musician, producer and owner of Bob Egan Entertainment (one of the region’s leading entertainment agencies) continues the tradition of live performances he first introduced to the region 20 years ago as founder and producer of the former Cabaret at Odette’s, the renowned cabaret that Michael Feinstein named as one of the country’s Top 10 in USA Today.

Odette’s, Bob Egan’s first cabaret in New Hope, opened in 1987. The Cabaret sadly closed in June of 2006, after a third catastrophic flood hit New Hope severely damaging the Cabaret. Many of the performances were relocated to and continue to take place at the Stockton Inn, Stockton NJ, and briefly at the Cosmopolitan Club/Bob Egan’s Cabaret Supper Club at the Ramada of New Hope.

In June of 2008, Bob began presenting a seasonal cabaret series at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, NJ. Bob continues to present a monthly showcase at both Tim McLoone’s Supper Club and at the Stockton Inn.

What is a “Cabaret” Show?

A Cabaret performance is usually one-hour long. Shows offer a wide variety of musical styles, genres, which vary with each performer. An evening of cabaret may include anything from Broadway, The Great American Songbook (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin), pop, blues, jazz, folk, musical comedy, to even opera or classical music.

To make cabaret performances convenient for patrons, venues are often full-service restaurants that offer food both prior to and after the show (similar to a “dinner theater” or “supper club”). Guests may also enjoy cocktails, coffee, and desserts during the show.

What is a Singer Showcase night?

In December of 2003 at Odette’s, Bob launched his “The Big Monday Showcase,” an exciting evening featuring seven to nine performers every week, each performing two songs. Since then, Bob has adapted the format to fit various venues. Currently, Bob offers a monthly showcase night at Tim McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury Park, NJ (for Central Jersey and the Jersey Shore) and a monthly showcase at the famed (“There’s a Small Hotel“) Stockton Inn, Stockton NJ (for Eastern PA and Western New Jersey). The shows allow for a wide range of music and musical styles. Occasionally, the show includes other types of performances including singer/songwriters on guitar or piano as well as specialty acts. Some performers are professionals who are promoting their upcoming performances or trying out new material. Other participants are performers that may be new to the Cabaret and appearing on that stage for the first time — working their way up to their own solo show.

How can I perform in an upcoming showcase?

The best way to secure a spot in an upcoming showcase (in either New Hope or Asbury Park) is to sing at one of Bob Egan’s open mic nights, or by sending a CD/DVD/Youtube link demo to Bob. You also can email Bob at bob@bobeganentertainment.com to request a spot in the show. Space is limited. Since performances are only held once-a-month, Bob may sometimes ask individual performers to prepare only one song in a given showcase to make room for additional singers. Due to the extreme popularity of some performers, some individuals may be asked to perform additional numbers. Bob reserves the right to use his discretion in programming each month at both venues.

Bob is always happy to accompany you on the piano, but if you already have an accompanist, you are encouraged to bring him/her along. Guitar accompaniment is al welcome. Singers are advised to do at least ONE upbeat or comic song (never two ballads). Songwriters are advised to do one original and one cover song. We also suggest that individuals who are interested in performing first attend a showcase as an audience member to get the feel of the format. Bob also offers coaching sessions in his studio in New Hope.

We’re proud to offer these programs designed to give everyone — from the amateurs to professionals to everyone in between — a place to grow.